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Ethical Investment Funds (EIFs)

A growing desire among investors to stake their money on companies demonstrating a high level of ethical and moral behaviour has given rise to an increasing number of ethical investment funds.

Unit Trusts versus Investment Trusts

These two types of Trusts have notable differences and the right decision for investing money will depend on an individual’s requirements and expectations.

What is salary sacrifice?

Salary sacrifice is not suitable for everyone, and the ramifications need to be explored in depth before an employee commits, but it can prove a highly efficient way of saving for a pension, and may also reduce tax and NI.

What is ‘Chartered’ Financial Planning?

The ‘Chartered Financial Planner’ qualification was introduced in 2006 to create a new standard for financial advice that is independent, professional, and regulated by strict guidelines.

Equity release Dos and don’ts

Are you one of the many who are ‘house rich’ but cash poor? As more battle to get by, the popularity of equity release is sure to continue to grow, but there are many implications that need to be considered.

Your Business and your Will

Making the time to invest in advice from a Will Writing specialist is a really good idea, whatever the size of your business. Find out why.

Holder & Combes are awarded prestigious ‘Chartered’ status

This is the industry’s gold standard for firms of independent financial advisers. It confirms that we have satisfied the rigorous qualification criteria by retaining highly-qualified advisers and staff who subscribe to the membership conditions of the professional body, the CII.