Ed Holder

Ed is a Chartered Financial Planner and advises on all aspects of personal finance, specialising in pension and investment planning.

Chartered Status is the profession’s gold standard for financial planners. It confirms that every Chartered Financial Planner has completed a suite of professional qualifications equivalent to a bachelors’ degree.

Born in Bristol, he now lives in the South of France with his 2 children, commuting back to London for client meetings. He graduated from University with a 2.1 in ‘International Business with Modern Languages’. Ed also went on to graduate from the Fachhochschule Dortmund in Germany with degree in Strategic Business Management.

Ed is also a member of the CFA Society of the UK and holds the full Investment Management Certificate.

He started advising in 2002 and has a variety of clients that include new media specialists, investment bankers and directors of UK PLCs.

Ed also speaks fluent French and German, enjoys competing in triathlons and marathons to keep fit, having competed in London, Paris, Bristol and Windsor.

e-mail ed@holderandcombes.co.uk
DD 020 7101 2817

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