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It Pays to Plan: Personal Income Protection Insurance

A recent YouGov survey indicated that more than one in five couldn't stop work for more than a few months without defaulting on their mortgage or rent - and double that number would be in trouble after four weeks. Fewer than one in twenty have income protection insurance: don't be one of them! Read More

Business Owners Not Doing Enough To Protect Income

Most self-employed people are at greater risk of hardship should they become ill than those who are in PAYE employment, yet far too few actually have income protection insurance in place. IP cover means that - should injury or illness strike - then business owners don't have to choose between financial hardship and working whilst ill or not fully recovered. Read More

Income Protection Insurance: Things You Should Know

If you want to be certain of protecting your standard of living if you fall ill, Income Protection insurance is essential. We answer some of the more frequently-asked questions about how these polices work, including what underwriters look for, and how your policy choices affect not only your premiums but also the extent of your cover. Read More

Protecting Your Health: Critical Illness Insurance

The last thing you need to worry about if you are diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer is your ability to continue to provide for yourself and your family. A Critical Illness insurance policy protects your financial health, leaving you to focus on your treatment and recovery. Read More

High Earner Tax Reduction & Investment Strategies

Recent government initiatives have introduced tax breaks on a number of different savings and investments vehicles. With the right advice and planning it is possible to channel earnings into investments and savings whilst lowering your Income Tax bill. This article looks at the ways those on high incomes can invest tax-efficiently. Read More

Looking to the future

Why is it that some people seem to have the ability to live the life of dreams and pass on their wealth to the next generation when others are faced with huge tax bills, the prospect of selling their home or worried about healthcare costs? Read More

Time in the market, not timing the market

Periods of market volatility, like whose we’ve seen over recent months, will undoubtedly be unsettling times for most investors. The risks of incurring losses can make holding investments difficult to bear, with the temptation being to sell out and cut your losses. But volatility is part and parcel of investing. Read More

Hurting from home

More than half of office workers believe their employer should do more to help them work from home during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. This has lead to millions of Britons suffering from pain as a result of their makeshift home offices. Read More

Presenteeism during lockdown

Unlike absenteeism, presenteeism isn’t always apparent. You know when someone doesn’t show up for work, but you often can’t tell when or how much illness or a medical condition hinders someone’s performance. Read More

Planning a move abroad?

You’ve always dreamed about living aboard, but how do you make that a reality? The first practical step is to think about where you are in your life and weigh up which options are available to you. Factors like your age, financial situation and skill set will come into play as you consider where to explore long term. Read More

Family finances

Household finances, including spending and saving patterns, have deteriorated drastically since the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, despite unprecedented Government support. Traditional habits have been turned upside down, and household budgets that guided our incomings and outgoings before the pandemic are no longer valid. Read More

Freeing up extra money

Preferring to remain in their own homes for as long as possible is, for many people, increasingly becoming an important part of how they view older age. There may be several reasons for this: to keep the family home, stay close to friends or remain in comfortable and familiar surroundings. Read More

Mind the knowledge gap

The decisions made at retirement are big ones and have long-term consequences. Many spend years accumulating a large amount of money in pensions and other savings, but really don’t know what that might mean, how much income they can reasonably expect to receive and how best to take that income. Read More

Protecting your retirement plans

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched virtually every aspect of our lives, not least of which is how we save for retirement. And while the number one priority is keeping our families and ourselves safe and healthy, the next topic on most people’s worry list is the financial impact, especially if the situation doesn’t improve quickly. Read More

Rise of the female breadwinner

The proportion of female breadwinners is steadily rising but the trend could be knocked off course by the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. Women out-earn male partners in almost a quarter of households, up from a fifth 16 years ago, according to new research. Read More

Top 10 countries to retire abroad

Are you ready to spend your golden years in comfort, style and maybe even a bit of luxury? As a retiree, you’ll want to be able to live in a place where the lifestyle and cost of living matches your financial situation. Read More

Financial fallout from COVID-19

It is becoming uncomfortably clear that while not everyone has been physically affected by coronavirus (COVID-19), every single one of us will be impacted financially. During the pandemic, savings and investments have been volatile, as have wages and jobs. Read More

Retirement freedoms

Preparing for retirement is like getting ready for a journey – it never goes quite as planned. But the better the plan, the better the outcome. When things go wrong, you want to have the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances. Read More

Thinking ahead

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has touched virtually every part of our lives and is having a widespread impact across all aspects of financial life, including retirement plans. Read More

How sustainable is your portfolio?

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues continue to be a priority for many investors. Your values define you. But do your investments reflect who you are? Read More

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