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Quoted in the Evening Standard

We like to think that we know what we are talking about, so it is reassuring when others feel the same and ask for comment on topical issues.

ISA for the right reasons……

People can often overlook the point that an ISA should not be considered as a ‘product’, rather as an ‘allowance’. The nice man in the bank will do his utmost to sell you an ISA.... but caution is needed to ensure that you dont end up investing in the wrong underlying assets.....

Pension auto-enrolment: Coming soon to a workplace near you

How to protect the old from poverty has challenged governments since they decided that Victorian workhouses were not the answer.

Investment strategy: Never look back in anger

Hindsight is not always a wonderful thing for investors; it means they can see all the missed investment opportunities that could have achieved a spectacular return for them during the previous year. Even in depressed global markets, there are usually a few bright spots because a particular country, sector or company has bucked the trend. Predicting where the bright spots will be is not so easy and the FCA frequently asserts that 'past investment performance provides no guide to future performance'. Last year's winners could be next year's losers.

Ed in the Metro – ethical funds

Ed was back in the press last week, this time talking with the METRO about the ethical fund industry. We took this story to the newspaper a few weeks ago and suggested they might be interested to hear about the top ten holdings of many ethical funds.

The Pension Detectives are born!

We are now to be working with the guys at This is Money to help track down otherwise lost or forgotten pension benefits for selected members of the public!

Your Will – Why it pays to plan for the future…

Guest legal blogger Gareth from Silverman Sherliker LLP has kindly written this piece on why it pays to have a decent Will in place.

PRESS: Our Words in the Metro…

Ed was asked to comment about investing in film through EIS for a piece written by Miss Latham.

It was a shame the main photo used was not actually one of Ed, but they found a suitable stand in for the shoot!

Click HERE to read the article… Read the rest

The Callsheet has arrived!

A NEW online service – - was launched today by one of our clients and is attempting to revolutionise crewing by bringing freelancers, production companies and facilities companies together on a single platform for the first time.

Success guaranteed for some first-time buyers

Could a 'guarantor mortgage' help you get your first home? This arrangement means a third party guarantees the borrower's repayments, providing additional security to the lender who may advance a larger amount.

Mortgages and the Self-Employed

Borrowing to finance a property purchase has become more difficult recently, and if you are self-employed you may find it harder still. A few things to bear in mind before you approach lenders.

Government may scrap higher-rate pension tax relief

An article in The Telegraph suggests that the Chancellor is now reconsidering cutting higher-rate relief as he fights to cut back public spending. A look at what this would mean, and two ideas to protect your money.

ISAs are for Life – not just for Easter. Make compound interest work for you

Unlike chocolate eggs and the Easter Bunny, the benefits of saving or investing within an ISA can – and should – be enjoyed all year round.

Our mortgage specialist has arrived!

We are very pleased and somewhat relieved to announce that Justin Al-Kaisy has agreed to join the team at Holder & Combes.

The ‘Pension Passport’ concept

60% of those looking for a pension provider don't actually compare the rates! The PICA aims to tackle this with a new 'pension passport'.

Age-75 rule scrapped

From 6th April 2011, pensioners will no longer have to purchase their income, but will be able to draw their income directly from pension savings for as long as they choose.

Investing overseas

Many people can be put off global investment, feeling it is too complex, but there are several specialist funds focused on the overseas market, helping you get the most of your investment.

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