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Stocks & Shares ISA

Helping you realise your long-term financial goals

So you’re looking to accumulate a sum of money by investing. You may have a specific amount in mind. This could be to go towards helping to fund your child’s university fees or to pay for a trip of a lifetime.

When you invest in stocks and shares through an Individual Savings Account (ISA), you can choose to invest a lump sum or set up regular savings that suit your circumstances and your … Read the rest

Your ISA, your future

Time to reimagine how to invest more tax-efficiently?

Each tax year, from the age of 16 we are each given an annual Individual Savings Account (ISA) allowance. The ISA limit for 2018/19 is £20,000, and anyone wishing to utilise their allowance should do so before the deadline at midnight on Friday 5 April 2019.

The date marks the end of the 2018/19 tax year. It is a ‘use it or lose it’ allowance, meaning that if you don’t use all … Read the rest

Exploring your ISA options

Time to give your financial future a boost?

The end of the tax year on 5 April is fast approaching, so make sure you’ve made the most of your annual allowances before it’s too late. No matter what, why or how you want to save and invest, an Individual Savings Account (ISA) could help make your money work harder for you.

ISAs are tax-efficient wrappers. Every tax year, we each have an annual ISA allowance. If you don’t take full … Read the rest

ISA returns of the year

Taking control over where your money is invested tax-efficiently

A new tax year is nearly upon us – and that means, for all diligent savers and investors, you should make sure that you take full advantage of your current Individual Savings Account (ISA) tax-efficient allowance.

An ISA is a tax-efficient investment wrapper in which you can hold a range of investments, including bonds, equities, property, multi-asset funds and even cash, giving you control over where your money is invested. It … Read the rest

Wealth generation

Are you getting tax-efficiencies on the gains you make from the money you invest?

Whatever you’re putting money aside for, there’s likely to be a role for Individual Saving Accounts (or ‘ISAs’). If you’re looking to grow your money over many years – perhaps to fund a dream purchase or help you in retirement – cash might not be the right option, especially when the interest rates on Cash ISAs are near all-time lows.

Here are five reasons why you … Read the rest

Hello LISA

Saving for a first home or retirement at the same time

The start of the new tax year on 6 April 2017 saw the launch of the Lifetime ISA (LISA), which was announced in the 2016 Budget.

This is a new type of Individual Savings Account (ISA) designed to help you save for a first home or for your retirement at the same time. To be eligible, you have to be aged between 18 and 39 years old (up until … Read the rest

Savers ‘banking on ISAs’


Weighing up the tax-efficiency versus flexibility

More than one in three retirement savers[1] are planning to rely on Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) for the majority of their retirement income.

ISAs don’t attract the upfront tax relief that pensions enjoy. However, unlike retirement savings plans, there is no tax to pay when you cash them in. With pensions up to 25% can be taken as tax-free cash.

Exploring a wide range of options

Even so, according to a study from … Read the rest

Lifetime Individual Savings Accounts

Make your next move to saving flexibly for a first home and retirement

Lifetime Individual Savings Accounts are being launched by the Government to help 18–40-year-olds to save and invest flexibly for the long term. The aim is that people will not have to choose between saving for their first home and retirement.

They can use some or all of the money to buy their first home or keep it until they’re 60. Similar to normal Individual Savings Accounts, they … Read the rest

Hello LISA

Harnessing the simplicity and popularity of the ISA wrapper

The introduction of the new Lifetime Individual Savings Account (LISA) next year is aimed at helping young people save flexibly for the long term throughout their lives, and simultaneously enabling them to save for a first home and for their retirement without having to choose one over the other.

Simplicity and popularity LISA is designed to work in conjunction with existing ISA products and be simple for savers to use by … Read the rest

NISA Countdown

NISA CountdownTime is running out if you want to make the most of your tax-efficient savings allowance

If you are keen to take advantage of the New Individual Savings Account (NISA) allowance, now increased to £15,000, and make the most of your tax-efficient savings, time is running out. You only have until 5 April to fully utilise your 2014/15 NISA allowance, after which it will be lost forever.

In his 2014 Budget speech the Chancellor, George Osborne, announced that from 1 … Read the rest

ISAs and inheritance tax

The tax-efficiency of ISAs makes them the obvious medium for non-pension investment in stocks and shares. However, ISAs cannot be transferred by the holder or held in trust, and consequently they will suffer the full impact of inheritance tax on the death of the holder.

How ISAs Help Build Wealth

It was reported last year in the daily and financial press, that dozens of investors had ISAs worth at least £1 million. The ‘ISA millionaires’ had mainly invested the maximum amount each year from 1987 in a Personal Equity Plan (PEP), the stocks & shares ISA’s predecessor, and continued investing when ISAs took over in 1999. Often with income reinvested, their contributions of around £200,000 had multiplied fivefold in a quarter of a century or so. This shows what can be achieved – not guaranteed – through steady investment in a tax-sheltered environment with the right investment strategy and timing.

Junior ISAs a boost when needed

Given current life expectancy, if everybody just handed down their family wealth to the next generation at death, hardly anyone would receive a financial boost until they were well into middle age.

ISA for the right reasons……

People can often overlook the point that an ISA should not be considered as a ‘product’, rather as an ‘allowance’. The nice man in the bank will do his utmost to sell you an ISA.... but caution is needed to ensure that you dont end up investing in the wrong underlying assets.....

ISAs are for Life – not just for Easter. Make compound interest work for you

Unlike chocolate eggs and the Easter Bunny, the benefits of saving or investing within an ISA can – and should – be enjoyed all year round.

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