Preserving your legacy

Are you worried about leaving an inheritance to your loved ones and then having them pay tax on your legacy? No one likes to think about a time when they won’t be here, but unfortunately the reality is that some people aren’t prepared financially. If your estate is likely to suffer IHT, there are accessible solutions and strategies we can discuss with you to mitigate this tax. Read More

Estate protection

As a nation, we are reluctant to talk about inheritance. Through estate planning, however, you can ensure your assets are given to the people and organisations you care about, and you can also take steps to minimise the impact of taxes and other costs on your estate. Read More

Parents and grandparents delay passing on wealth

An estimated 4.8million parents and grandparents will delay passing on wealth until after their death because of growing uncertainty over the future cost of care. This later transfer of wealth could impact on younger generations the hardest, many of whom depend on financial support from relatives to get on the housing ladder or pay university fees. Read More

Healthy, wealthy and well advised

Having built up their business or wealth, many families often wish to enjoy it whilst also ensuring that it is passed on to the next generation in their families. Passing on what you have accrued in the most efficient way is of paramount importance. But some people find the idea of discussing passing on wealth uncomfortable. Read More

Why silence isn’t necessarily bliss

Making a will is very important if you care what happens to your money and your belongings after you die, and most of us do. But have you tried to talk with your parents about their will? If that conversation isn’t happening, you’re not alone. Read More

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance Tax is an unpopular and controversial tax, coming as it does at a time of loss and mourning, and can impact on families with even quite modest assets. However, there are legitimate ways to mitigate against this tax. However, some of the most valuable exemptions must be used seven years before your death to be fully effective, so it makes sense to obtain professional financial advice and consider ways to tackle this issue sooner rather than later. Read More

Safeguarding your wealth for future generations

Inheritance Tax (IHT) affects thousands of families every year. It comes at a time of loss and mourning and can have an impact on families with even quite modest assets. Some of the most valuable exemptions must be used seven years before your death to be fully effective, so it makes sense to consider ways to tackle IHT sooner rather than later and to seek professional financial advice. Read More

Wealth protection

Unforeseen life events and circumstances can potentially impact your finances in a number of ways. You may need professional advice to help arrange your assets to maximise the legacy to your loved ones and minimise the impact of tax, fees and loss of privacy. Read More

Keeping it in the family

Intergenerational planning helps you put financial measures in place to benefit your children later in life, and possibly even your future grandchildren, so it’s important to start planning early. Without appropriate provision, Inheritance Tax (IHT) could become payable on your taxable estate that you leave behind when you pass away. Read More

Wealth preservation

A recent survey about Inheritance Tax (IHT) shows that wealthy Britons over the age of 45 are either ignoring estate planning solutions or they have forgotten about the benefits these can provide. Only 27% of those surveyed have taken financial advice on IHT planning, despite all of them having a potential IHT liability. Read More

Family Succession planning

Succession planning may be one of the most challenging experiences facing any leader, especially an entrepreneurial business person who has built a family business from scratch, so it is crucial to get right. For a family business, transition is a once-in-a-lifetime decision. Perhaps no challenge has as much potential to exacerbate the special stresses – or, conversely, highlight the special advantages – of operating a family business. Read More

Inheritance Tax rule changes

If you want to have control over what happens to your assets after your death, effective estate planning is essential. After a lifetime of hard work, you want to make sure you protect as much of your wealth as possible and pass it on to the right people. However, this does not happen automatically. If you do not plan for what happens to your assets when you die, more of your estate than necessary could be subject to Inheritance Tax. Read More

Passing on wealth without further tax charges

On 6 April 2017, a new additional main residence nil-rate band (RNRB) was introduced, which allows for less Inheritance Tax to be paid in situations when a family home is left to children, grandchildren or certain other ‘qualifying beneficiaries’ – including stepchildren and foster children. Read More

One of life’s unpleasant facts

Inheritance Tax (IHT) in the UK was once something that only affected very wealthy people. Today it affects more people than ever, partly due to the rise in the property market that has not been matched by a corresponding rise in the IHT threshold. Read More

New Intestacy Rules aim to make things simpler and clearer

Significant changes to existing intestacy rules came into force on 1 October 2014 in England and Wales, with the aim of making things simpler and clearer. The consequences could be far-reaching for you and your loved ones, and while there are increasing entitlements for surviving spouses and registered civil partners, the changes highlight the importance of making a Will to ensure your wishes are carried out. Read More

Taxman waits at Pearly Gates

What we now call Inheritance Tax (IHT) still combines a loved-one's departure with a potentially large tax bill payable from the deceased's estate before probate can be granted and distributions made to beneficiaries. It is only natural to want your successors to gain maximum benefit from your estate and there are various legitimate ways to plan for and to mitigate the impact of IHT. Read More

Your Will – Why it pays to plan for the future…

We almost always recommend our clients make a Will from a financial planning viewpoint, so thought it might be useful to ask a real solicitor to outline the benefits as they see them Read More

Your Business and your Will

Far too many business owners are failing to make a Will, despite the risk of serious implications for their family and business partners. The costs of drawing up a Will pale into insignificance when compared to what others might have to pay if an inadequate or non-existent Will were to lead to a legal dispute. Read More

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