Economically active

Why longevity also brings with it some unique financial challenges Statistics clearly show that Britons are living longer Read More

What’s important to you?

Reaching those milestones starts with setting clear financial goals We all have dreams for the future, and many of those dreams require money and planning to make them become a reality Read More

Planning for every eventuality

Responding to situations rather than reacting to them As the saying goes, ‘People don’t plan to fail, but they do fail to plan Read More

Looking at the bigger picture

Creating plans of action to ensure you reach your financial goals To be prepared for the road ahead, it’s critical to think about having a plan Read More

For richer, for poorer

Divorced Britons regret splitting after new financial pressures hit home The pain of regret after divorce can be long-lasting, especially when you consider the life-long impact divorce has on your children, your finances and your emotions Read More

Give a triple boost to your children

Don’t miss out on this little-known tax rule For those parents who have spare cash, putting money into their children’s pension will boost the retirement prospects of their offspring Read More

Taxing times

‘Top 5’ list of planning areas Making sure you use up any allowances you are entitled to is the first step to reducing the amount of tax you may be liable to pay Read More

Smart investments

Should I invest into a pension or an ISA? Investors looking for tax-efficient ways to build a nest egg for retirement often look to both Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) and pensions Read More

Lifetime Allowance

Breach may impact on more than a million workers An estimated 1 Read More

Do your numbers add up?

Tax-efficient ways to fund the next generation It’s natural we may want to give younger members of our family a financial start in life Read More

Why do you want to invest?

Reaching specific life goals requires planning If you don’t know where you want to go, you’ll find it tricky getting there! Investment goals cover everything from the old adage of saving for a rainy day to planning for a comfortable retirement Read More

State pension

Half a million workers past pension age could be paying unnecessary tax A significant number of people working past the state pension age could be paying unnecessary tax on their state pension, according to new research[1] Read More

New tax year

The key changes you need to know You want to pay the minimum amount of tax legally possible Read More

Breaking up is hard to do!

How much money will you will need to live on later in life? Divorce is undoubtedly one of the most difficult subjects to talk about Read More

The time is now

A much needed boost to the nation’s savings A million more women in their 20s could be saving adequately for retirement if they were able to access emergency cash from their pension, according to new research[1] Read More

Double whammy

New social phenomenon – the ‘sandwich generation’ In recent years, a growing realisation has formed that we’re in the middle of a new social phenomenon – the ‘sandwich generation’ Read More

Emergency cash

Boosting women’s pension savings A million more women in their 20s could be saving adequately for retirement if they were able to access emergency cash from their pension, according to a new report[1] Read More

Wealth sharing between generations

Redefining how millennials become more financially secure Millennials are set to redefine how wealth is shared between generations, according to new research[1] Read More

Investing in your child’s future

Without planning ahead, the cost can be a huge money sink While many parents value the standard of education offered by independent schools or universities, the costs can be daunting Read More

Cash stash

Study exposes a whole host of financial secrets It’s bad news for romantics, according to the latest annual research[1] into the retirement aspirations and financial planning of UK couples aged 40 and over Read More

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