It Pays to Plan: Personal Income Protection Insurance

A recent YouGov survey indicated that more than one in five couldn't stop work for more than a few months without defaulting on their mortgage or rent - and double that number would be in trouble after four weeks. Fewer than one in twenty have income protection insurance: don't be one of them! Read More

Business Owners Not Doing Enough To Protect Income

Most self-employed people are at greater risk of hardship should they become ill than those who are in PAYE employment, yet far too few actually have income protection insurance in place. IP cover means that - should injury or illness strike - then business owners don't have to choose between financial hardship and working whilst ill or not fully recovered. Read More

Income Protection Insurance: Things You Should Know

If you want to be certain of protecting your standard of living if you fall ill, Income Protection insurance is essential. We answer some of the more frequently-asked questions about how these polices work, including what underwriters look for, and how your policy choices affect not only your premiums but also the extent of your cover. Read More

Protecting Your Health: Critical Illness Insurance

The last thing you need to worry about if you are diagnosed with a serious illness such as cancer is your ability to continue to provide for yourself and your family. A Critical Illness insurance policy protects your financial health, leaving you to focus on your treatment and recovery. Read More

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