High Earner Tax Reduction & Investment Strategies

Recent government initiatives have introduced tax breaks on a number of different savings and investments vehicles. With the right advice and planning it is possible to channel earnings into investments and savings whilst lowering your Income Tax bill. This article looks at the ways those on high incomes can invest tax-efficiently. Read More

What’s the Best Long Term Investment Strategy?

We believe that the best investment strategy aims for a regular and adequate income in retirement: work out what you want that income to be, and plan accordingly. Long term investment is the best strategy for most people because today's financial environment is uncertain. You should normally expect to commit for at least ten years. Read More

Asset Classes, or Different Types of Investment

An 'asset' is something with a monetary value, and 'asset classes' are just the different categories of assets, or types of investment. Starting with cash (a useful benchmark), we take a look at the four most common types of asset and their uses in investing. Read More

Alternative Investments & Specialist Sectors

Among investment companies returning over 5% you will frequently find those who concentrate on specialist sectors. The new asset classes these holdings introduce to your overall portfolio can also help with diversification. We look at five sectors that investors have been turning to recently. Read More

Unit Trusts vs Investment Trusts

Both Unit Trusts and Investment Trusts offer a way to spread risk by holding a diverse range of assets via one investment - but the nature of the ultimate investment(s) will dictate the risk an investor takes. We take look at the similarities and differences, and the pros and cons. Read More

Currency Fluctuations and International Investing

Exchange rates are often a major consideration when investing. We look at Foreign Exchange Risk: what it is, what drives it, how it can affect your investment portfolio and what can be done to minimise it. Read More

Inflation, and its Effects on Savings and Investments

What is inflation? What causes it? How is it measured, and what effects does it have on my personal finances? This article answers these questions, and also quickly runs through some of the methods that are used to stay ahead of inflation via investing money instead of saving it. Read More

Market Volatility: the Importance of a Diversified Portfolio

All investments are subject to stock and other market forces: there are ups and downs. Changes in the market value of equities is called volatility. It is impossible to remove risk from investing but it is possible to minimise it through portfolio diversification. Read More

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