Nick Wins ‘Financial Adviser of the Year’ 2021

Posted on November 5, 2021

Nick Combes won the much coveted FINANCIAL ADVISER OF THE YEAR award last night at the black tie event held in the London Hilton on Park Lane, London.

The GI Awards celebrates the role of the UK SME investment community in job and wealth creation, it honours all those involved in putting investment to work in high potential businesses – from those providing or helping to source investment to those best optimising growth capital to scale.

Claudia Winkleman was on hand to award Nick with the title in front of 450 guests and industry leaders.

The Financial Adviser Award was open to individual financial advisers who support clients to engage with and benefit from the growth investment industry. The judges assess performance based on overall impact, including education and advisory services, applying expertise that adds value, promoting compliance and tax-efficiency, overcoming challenges, customer feedback, and business impact.

Well done Nick!

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