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Financial services we offerCurrency Exchange Services

Holder & Combes Currency was established via a joint venture with our partners Capital IFX who are a commercial currency exchange brokerage based in London:

  • All major and the majority of exotic currencies can be traded.
  • We provide a range of currency trade options that the banks do not provide without paying a premium.
  • Capital IFX are FCA authorised and HMRC regulated and a member of UKMTA

Our currency service was originally established to ensure that our own clients retained as much of their capital as possible by minimising transaction costs when bringing money back into the UK. Our service is now open to all:

  • Bank beating exchange rates for all major currencies and exotics
  • There are no commissions, fees or hidden costs
  • Same day bank transfers are available on all major currencies
  • We operate a no risk business model in that we buy currency immediately when a client gives a trading instruction, therefore we do not carry currency exposure
  • We can provide Spot Trades, Market Orders, Forward and Flexible Forward Contracts
  • We offer up-to-date market information to enable the client to make informed decisions

Transactions Available

We can manage volatility in exchange rates by using various types of transactions to suit all the client’s needs:

SPOT TRADE: Immediately secures the best current rate available in the market with a completion date of 1 to 3 working days.

LIMIT ORDER: On larger amounts you can place an order that when the market hits your given rate, the deal auto completes e.g. GBP 1.00 = USD 1.50

FIXED FORWARD: You can fix your exchange rate for up to 2 years completing at a stated future date. This leaves your capital fluid and safeguards your margin. The contract must be completed on a specified future date.

FLEXIBLE FORWARD: Same as a Fixed Forward but you have the flexibility of drawing down your payments in tranches over the term of the contract. So if, for example, you are buying a property with stage payments, you can accurately budget for the term of purchase. This transaction must be completed before or at the end of the contract.

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