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Private Medical Insurance


Private medical insurance covers the cost of medical treatment outside the NHS.  It gives an individual the opportunity to obtain specialist treatment at a time and at a hospital of their choice.

The types of in-patient cover that can be provided include:

  • hospital charges, such as theatre fees, consultations and surgical dressings
  • specialist fees, such as the surgeon’s and anesthetist’s
  • additional costs, such as nursing and ambulance fees

An individual can provide plans for themselves on a single or joint life basis and also include family members.  PMI policies are often provided as group schemes, where the employer pays the contribution.  Some providers use general underwriting, where the client’s health is underwritten at outset and all pre-existing conditions are excluded from the plan.


Other providers use moratorium underwriting. This will look at conditions the client suffered in the previous five years and they will be excluded for a minimum of two years from the start of the plan.

Costs are determined by age, sex, extent of cover (e.g. single or family) and location of hospital. No-claims discounts are often available.

PMI is annually renewable, which means that if you have made excessive claims the insurer has the right to refuse cover in the future. The cost of cover goes up the older you are.

How are contributions and benefits treated for tax purposes?

There is no tax relief on the contributions and benefits are paid tax-free.  If provided by an employer, contributions paid are taxed as a P11D benefit for the employee and are treated as an expense of the business for the employer.


We can broker private medical insurance for our clients, advising and recommending on appropriate cover levels to suit individual circumstances. We compares all available plans and policies on the market from all providers so that our advice on which plan to choose is well informed. We compare and consider metrics such as:

  • Menu Options
  • Hospital Lists
  • Claims Procedure
  • Financial Strength of the Insurer
  • Underwriting Options
  • Optional Ad-Ons – such as travel or dental

Contact us today if you would like advice on Private Medical Insurance or advice on Private Healthcare.

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