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Holder & Combes Accounting, was created to provide the essential services all higher rate tax-payers and small business owners need, for sensible fixed fees.

Visit https://holderandcombesaccounting.co.uk for more information.

The venture is headed up by a Chartered Accountant, and employs a small dedicated team of 7 tax professionals to deal with everything from the annual self-assessment for individuals, to VAT returns and payroll for small businesses.

Having a close link between the Financial Planner who will have essential information such as details of all investment income, EIS/VCT timings and certificates, and the Accountant means our clients affairs are efficiently and correctly recorded, with all tax reliefs and rebates applied for and received as soon as possible.

We can now advise on and complete your basic annual self-assessment tax return for just £175+VAT.

For business owners and the self employed, who require further services to help run their businesses, we have put together the following fixed fee pricing structure:

Accountancy & tax service for businesses

We offer fixed fee accounting plans to suit your limited company:

  • Not VAT registered = £80 per month
  • VAT registered = £110 per month
    Click here to download full list of costs and services

    For Holder & Combes Financial Planning clients, since we cover the cost of the annual personal tax return already, the above fees are reduced by £14.50+VAT if further services are required.

    Email us to discuss your accounting requirements.

    Who needs to complete a self-assessment tax return

    Whether self employed or employed, this unpopular annual event is very often left to the last minute. Some might want to delay paying any additional tax due until absolutely necessary, while others claim to have simply had more interesting things to do since April last year!

    Whether you have been sent a return by HMRC to complete or not, you may well be legally obliged to complete one. Late filing now incurs a £100 fine, if it still hasn’t been filed 3 months later a further fine of £10 per day up to a maximum of £900 will also be due. Since 2010/1011, even if there is no tax to pay and a return is late, the £100 fine applies anyway!

    If you think you fit any of the categories below, then feel free to get in touch with us or directly to plan how to tackle a tax return:

    1. Self-employed people (including members of a partnership)
    2. Company directors (unless you’re a director of a non-profit organisation, for example a charity, and don’t receive any payments or benefits)
    3. Anyone who has Capital Gains Tax to pay, for example you’ve sold, given away or otherwise disposed of an asset such as a holiday home or shares
    4. People who receive rent or income from land or property in the UK or other untaxed income (but if you’re an employee or pensioner see the section below)
    5. Employees and pensioners with complex tax affairs (see the section below**)
    6. Ministers of religion (any faith)
    7. Lloyds Underwriters
    8. People with taxable foreign income, even if they aren’t normally resident in the UK (this includes non-resident landlords)
    9. Anyone who receives annually (or can be treated as receiving) income from a trust or settlement, or any income from the estate of a deceased person, and further tax is due on that income
    10. Trustees and personal representatives (including people who manage the tax affairs of deceased persons)
    11. Trustees of certain pension schemes
    12. Those who have been asked to do so by HMRC
    13. Have an annual income of £100,000 or more
    14. Your income (or your partner’s) was over £50,000 and one of you claimed Child Benefit
    15. Have annual income from savings or investments or rental income of £10,000 or more (before tax)
    16. Claim against tax for expenses or professional subscriptions of £2,500 or more
    17. Have untaxed income of £2,500 or more
    18. Owe tax at the end of the year that can’t be collected through a change to your PAYE tax code for the following year
    19. Have sold, given away or otherwise disposed of an asset, for example a property that’s not your main home or shares and have Capital Gains Tax to pay

    Holder & Combes Accounting, can have your basic annual self-assessment tax return completed and submitted for just £175+VAT.

    If you would like our assistance to complete your annual return, please not hesitate to get in touch with us directly.

    No guarantee can be given that the information provided is accurate in the present or the future. It is not intended to constitute either a statement of applicable law or financial advice, and responsibility cannot be accepted for any subsequent loss following activity or inactivity by any individual or organisation. Indeed, such information should NOT be acted upon without first receiving appropriate and specific professional advice.