Retirement options

£19m released each day since pension freedoms launch In his 2015 Spring Budget, then-chancellor George Osborne introduced sweeping changes to the way that pensions are taxed Read More

Divorcees risk losing out on pensions

Dividing this asset is of vital importance to avoid pension poverty Divorce is an emotional and stressful period for those who have to go through it Read More

Planning for tomorrow

Will my retirement income be enough to live ON comfortably? The questions our clients almost always ask us are: ‘Will I be able to retire when I want to? Will I run out of money? How can I guarantee the kind of retirement I want?’ Worryingly, it’s been well documented that many Britons aren’t saving enough in their pension for their retirement Read More

Time to give your pension pot a boost?

Planning ahead for the financial future you want Planning for retirement can be both exciting and daunting Read More

How prepared are you for retirement?

Planning ahead helps ensure that you’re on track You work hard to enjoy your current lifestyle, but are you doing enough to ensure that you will continue to enjoy it in retirement? Many of us live for today, but saving into a private pension plan can help you retire sooner rather than later Read More

Pension freedoms

Retirees now have a whole host of new options The pension freedoms, introduced on 6 April 2015, have given retirees a whole host of new options Read More

State pensioners

Inflation-busting increase to weekly payments on the horizon In October this year, those receiving the State Pension are likely to find out that their weekly payments will increase by 4% from April 2020, subject to any last minute adjustments Read More

Time to update your planned retirement date?

Savers risk missing out on money from their final pension pot Millions of savers risk missing out on money from their final pension pot if their provider doesn’t have their correct planned retirement date Read More

Women’s State Pension age changes

Government’s bid to ensure ‘pension age equalisation’ On 3 October, campaigners lost a significant legal battle against the Government’s handling of the rise in women’s State Pension age Read More

Taxing times ahead

Don’t be penalised by the tax system when you exercise your freedoms The ‘pension freedom’ reforms of 2015 were welcomed by consumers, as they vastly widened options available to most savers at retirement Read More

Unlocked pension savings

Critical gap in consumer awareness Drawdown allows most pension holders to withdraw a tax-free lump sum and reinvest the remainder as an income Read More

Lost pensions

Make sure your pension savings don’t get left behind The employment landscape has evolved significantly over the last few decades, and changing jobs multiple times before retirement is now very much the norm Read More

Pension scammers: spot the warning signs

Don’t lose your life savings or be persuaded to invest in high-risk schemes Don’t let scammers enjoy your hard-earned pension proceeds Read More

Cashing out

Pension changes brought a whole new range of options to consider Unadvised retirees who are now able to dip into their pension are having to return to work to cope with juggling their finances, according to a new report[1] Read More

Retirement resilience

Taking the reins and having more control over your pension pot Saving for retirement is one of our greatest financial priorities, especially as life expectancy is growing and retirements are likely to last longer Read More

What you need to know

Winners and losers under the new State Pension The figures for people qualifying for the full new State Pension following its introduction in April 2016 reveal almost two in five pensioners (365,290 people, or 38% of claimants) receive less than £150 a week, while a further 314,290 people (33% of claimants) receive more than £150 a week[1] Read More

Thousands of retirees in drawdown lack of planning

Have you worked out how much you can afford to take from your pension pot? Thousands of retirees shifting their pensions into drawdown are not taking basic steps to work out how much they can afford to take from their pot, putting them at risk of draining their savings too soon, according to new research[1] Read More

Show me the money

Turning pensions into money you can use Today, you’ve got a number of options and permutations available when it comes to what to do with your pension in retirement Read More

Pension freedoms

Over one million UK savers embrace relaxation of rules The Government’s announcement on the relaxation of pension rules changed the investment landscape and pension freedoms show no sign of losing their popularity Read More

Making plans for your retirement

Tailored to match your particular needs and aspirations One of the most important stages in life which everybody has to save for is retirement Read More

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