Retirement savings longevity

Are you facing a pensions challenge? We all want to ensure we have sufficient funds when we retire so we can spend our time the way that we want to Read More

Retiring abroad

Prior preparation is key for a smooth transition into your new life It’s a dream for many that after years of hard work, it’s finally time to travel to far-off lands and enjoy your retirement without worrying about finances Read More

Age is just a number

What rising life expectancy could mean for you We know that age is just a number, and for different people it means different things Read More

Working into old age

Three quarters of UK employees say they won’t be able to retire by the age of 65 Britain is growing old, and not just proverbially Read More

Mind the income gap

Significant gap between expectations and reality of what life in retirement will cost Generation Z When most people envision their retirement, positive images start forming Read More

Gender gap in retirement savings

Women say they will have £100,000 less in retirement than men For women, the salary gap they face during their careers eventually turns into a retirement savings gap Read More

A long life needs a smart retirement plan

Reaching the big 50 can be a financial wake-up call Your 50s are a crunch time when saving for your retirement Read More

‘Sleepwalking’ into retirement

How much will you need to save to afford a comfortable retirement? There is a widespread and common-sense-based perception, backed to some extent by evidence, that planning and preparing for later life is associated with increased well-being in older age Read More

The future of work is coming

Tangible benefits older workers bring to the workplace The days of an employee turning 65, getting a gold watch or carriage clock and being ushered into a new world of golf, retirement communities and early-bird specials are rapidly disappearing Read More

Will I have enough money through retirement?

Mismatch between retirement expectations and actual reality Retirement is a chance to do more of what you enjoy Read More

Lasting the distance

The early retirement dream lives on, but at what cost? Whether you choose or need early retirement, having a plan can give your money the best chance of lasting the distance Read More

Saving adequately for the future

How much should you try to save to have a comfortable retirement? The number of people saving enough for a comfortable retirement has hit its highest ever level, with almost three in five Britons (59%) now saving adequately for the future[1] Read More

Not ready to give up working and retire?

Almost half of UK employees expect to work beyond the age of 65 When you picture yourself in your golden years, are you sitting on a beach, hitting the golf course or working behind a desk? Not ready to give up working and retire? For those who find adjusting to retirement difficult, the transition can be made smoother by working Read More

Making investment decisions into old age

Seven in ten retirees have not set up a Lasting Power of Attorney More than 615,000 pensioners are on course to make investment decisions into old age but new research[1] suggests tens of thousands have not set up a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA), with seven in ten (70%) people in retirement not having set up an LPA Read More

Bolstering day-to-day retirement living

Releasing money from your home without having to move Equity release is a way of releasing money from your home without having to move, either by taking out a type of loan secured against your home or by selling all or part of your home to a home reversion company Read More

Retirement longevity

Your destiny is now in your own hands If you are in your 50s or 60s, your thoughts are probably turning towards retirement Read More

What’s your magic number?

Your five-year plan to a comfortable retirement Retiring is a huge life event Read More

Dreaming of escaping a working life for retirement?

Getting your date right will help your plans stay on target Some people will have set their retirement date when they were in their 20s or 30s and a great deal will have changed since then, including their state pension age and perhaps their career plans Read More

Preparing for your upcoming retirement

Considering the practicalities of fulfilling your desired lifestyle If you are aiming to retire within the next five years, its time to get into the mindset of considering the practicalities of fulfilling your desired lifestyle and making plans Read More


Pension freedoms usher in a new generation The introduction of pension freedoms has been a huge enabler for over 55s, allowing millions to draw income from their pensions flexibly Read More

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